Oklahoma No Stranger to the Weird…

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It seems, especially in the last year or so, Oklahoma has had its share of strange goings on.  This article at sott.net  that I totally missed in February, highlights spontaneous human combustion.  It seems that even in small town Oklahoma, things can get screwy without warning.

Sinkholes have made their presence felt here in the sooner state as well, prompting lots of conjecture about their cause.

Several UFO reports surround the Oklahoma Tornadoes that struck Moore and surrounding towns this year, and we have our very own Bigfoot hotbed in southeast Oklahoma, active with guided “hunts” at specific times of year with various groups.

All of this and much more might lead one to think there’s something seriously odd about Oklahoma.

Well, Oklahoma has always been diverse in weather, bioregions, geology, and wildlife, so why not weirdness?  Enid, Oklahoma seems to have a little more than its fair share of hauntings, and then there’s the spooklight that hangs out around Quapaw.  We’ve got reports of strange sounds coming from the sky and of course, our own lot of “Mystery Booms“.  (I have even heard a couple just outside of Sapulpa, but we wrote them off at first, so I can’t recall the date, about two months ago.  No one ever investigated.)  Could seismic activity be at the root of all these strange events,  or is there something of a more metaphysical nature going on in the heartland?  Ideas?


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