All work has been moved to the new website!  Woohoo!  

Come and join me at where I’ve built an online portfolio and everything is nice and neat.  There is also contact info, and I will soon have the newsletter signup corrected and replaced.  Big things are in the works.  My first Novel is in the revision stage, and I am working on the second.  There are also decisions to be made about publishing and whether to submit or self-publish.  What do you guys think?  Also you can follow me on twitter and facebook, find me on LinkedIn and I am also working on a pinterest page and google+.  Come and find me, I’d love to keep in touch!


New Website!

Okay, it’s brand new and still under construction, but it’s a real, honest to goodness website, and it will be linked to this blog.  It has a forum where folks can get together and talk about…well, just about anything!  For author and artist and other friends, there’s a spot to show off your latest creations, and I will be organizing a lot of my internet published writing on the new site as well.

The blog is alright, but the website will be a little easier to organize, at least in theory.  You’ll still be able to find my regular-ish posts on here, but for all the newest news, you’ll want to check the website.  Come on down and join our forum, check out The Tinfoil Hat Society if you haven’t yet, and let me know what you think!

Come on down and check out