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Drunken Muse

Drunken Muse Press
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Tonight I am trying to get caught up on ALL THE THINGS EVER. Which means, on my list of 20, I’ll get maybe two or three of them done. My cats are fed (a task which was delegated to the Teenager), and the family is fed (all me this time). So far, success. Then, after seeing Mr. V (my darling fiancee) off to rendezvous with a friend of his, I read a new submission for Drunken Muse Press, the brand spankin’ new literary journal started by my dear friend, Terri Wallace and yours truly.  The submissions are trickling in, but isn’t that the way with all things new and as yet undiscovered by the world at large?

It’s all right. Gives us a chance to pay particular attention to our first batch of new blood, and to sharpen our discernment skills as…

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Blog Move and More

Heya all!  It’s that time of year again!  Time to trim the– you thought I was gonna say tree didn’t you?  Nope.  Time to trim the line of workflow!  In order to make more time for my studies (this semester upcoming will be heavy in both reading and writing) and to work on finishing up pre-submission revisions on the novel, I am moving this blog over to my website at this will bring the blog count down to three again.

If you enjoy the content here, please join me there, won’t you?  There is a forum, as well as a place to put some of the new artwork and photography.  Those interested in prints can drop me an e-mail.

This blog will be left up until everything is transferred to the website, which should be after the first of the year.  I hope to see you there, it promises to be a lot of fun!

Come on 2014, I’m ready to roll!

Happy Holidays, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Novel Update and News

It’s hard to believe November is nearly over.  Another semester nearly done.  Seems like I just got started on this college thing, and suddenly it’s been almost two years.  If all keeps going according to plan, I should graduate at Associates level in 2015.

NaNoWriMo is almost over too, and though I’m sitting on a good 40,000 words, the end still seems daunting.  Thanksgiving and testing in Government class, sketches and photo assignments– I’m trying to get ahead so those things won’t be an issue.  It seems really amazing that so much work has really been done inside of a month.  It’ll probably be months in revision, but the basic story will be written, and the world-building will be mostly done (and recorded) for the rest of the series.  It just amazes me.

NaNoWriMo has been an amazing experience, and one I will probably partake in from now on.  It has shown me just what I’m capable of accomplishing if I set my mind to it.  Speaking of– this post must be a short one, I still have to get the last bit done!  This is where being a Capricorn comes in handy…

Pure.  Solid. Stubbornness. (Lowers horns for charge…)

See y’all at the end!

Time To Harvest Sweet Potatoes in Oklahoma!


The vines have turned from a lustrous green to a dark bronze-green or brown.  The vines have gone from semi-succulent looking to emaciated and brittle in places.  It’s time to harvest the sweets from the garden.  The loose sandy soil we have here has not only allowed them to grow to a decent size this year, but also means that I can (after clearing the sticker infested weeds from the top to find them,) just scoop and wipe the soil away from the tubers by hand and then reach in and pull them out one by one.

I got Eighteen Sunday and today I will go back out and dig around the larger area to see if I missed any.  The largest of them is market size, about eight by three or four inches.  Not huge, like my cousin Sheila’s, but a nice size for eating,  Oh, the interesting bit?  I only planted one seed potato.

sweetpotato2013 003

It was a potato from the supermarket that had sprouted and dried out a bit, but I didn’t want to throw it away.  Tom said to take it out and put it in the garden.  That was exactly what I did.  Not only did I not waste that sweet, my bounty was multiplied by the earth.  For me, it’s the ultimate example of karmic returns.  I love it!

Sand Spur (Redux)

Tiny green blade

Pretty as any

Pushing up…up

Higher than the others.

Violet blush on stems

Joined by another

And another

Bladed rosette

Spreading like sound.

But the season was hot,

And  lake wind made it bitter

And the seed it shed,

Wickedly spined,

Draws pain at every encounter.

Back to School = Fewer Posts

Well Folks, it’s Back to school for yours truly.  Unfortunately, that means fewer posts on the old blog here.  But the bright side is that I’ll now be learning to take awesome photographs and attempting to learn how to draw and paint.  I’ll also be doing a lot of History and Government studies, which will come in really handy for the writing.  Next semester it’s back to literature and science, I think.  Got to get that degree.

Between that and the all important fictioning and articles for the paper and the Green Country Guardian and updates to the websites, I reckon my plate’s full.  Not to worry though, I’ll put stuff up when I can, and on school breaks, and I’ll likely be back in full force over the summer.

Until then,

Be well, Be happy, and most of all, Be You!

D.E. Chandler

Hag Ridden: Spirits, Demons, Aliens or Brain Chemistry?

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Just recently I read an article about people who were “hag ridden”  meaning that while on the edge of sleep, they experienced strong feelings of danger, the inability to move or scream, and many times a heavy weight on their chests, followed by difficulty breathing.  Long ago this phenomena was known as being hag ridden.  The old tales say that the cause is a witch, demon, or other evil entity sitting on the chest of the afflicted and either choking them or sucking the breath from their lungs or the life from their bodies.  Cats were once said to do the same thing to infants.

Of course now days we know these things aren’t real.  Don’t we?

Today’s explanations are more high tech, but decidedly divided between brain chemistry (a physical phenomenon known as sleep paralysis) and those who believe they have had alien encounters.

So far I have been able to locate numerous surveys of subjects, but I am as yet unable to locate an in-house study of the phenomena, upon which to build a case for or against either.  Much more research needs to be done, but until then, consider taking our poll.  Is it spirits, demons aliens or brain chemistry?

You decide.